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The Get Started Climbing Kit includes everything you need to start rock climbing and bouldering. The kit includes a chalk bag, a cleaning brush, and our featured Boulder Canada refillable powdered chalk ball. The chalk ball can be refilled with loose powdered chalk, so you can keep your hands dry and grip the rocks firmly. Choose your style and get ready to hit the climbing wall!


- DURABLE CHALK BAG - Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this chalk bag is perfect for you! The Ripstop material is resistant to tearing and ripping, making it the perfect choice for a durable chalk bag.

- CLIMB WITH CONFIDENCE - The drawstring cord closure prevents your chalk from spilling out, making it easy to open, close tight, and keep secure. This chalk bag is perfect for men and women who love to climb.

- KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE WHILE CLIMBING - With the zippered storage compartment, you'll never have to worry about your personal belongings falling out or getting lost while you're climbing. The drawstring cord closure also prevents the chalk from spilling out!

- CLEANING BRUSH - The chalk bag is designed with a cleaning brush to keep holds clean as you climb.

- ADJUSTABLE BELT LOOP - No matter your body type, the adjustable belt loop ensures a comfortable, secure fit. You don't have to worry about your chalk bag falling off during your climb.

- REFILLABLE - Boulder Canada's refillable chalk ball is perfect for rock climbing, bouldering, weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. The ball improves grip and prevents your hands from slipping. It can be refilled with loose powdered chalk, so you always have a supply of chalk on hand.

- LESS MESSY AND LASTS LONGER - The chalk ball is less messy than loose chalk and lasts longer. Keep your hands and palms sweat-free during your workout.

- KEEPS YOU GRIPPED - Whether you're scaling a rock face or lifting weights, the chalk ball will help you stay gripped and prevent your hands from slipping.


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